Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Walking through time

 It's like a time capsule. Or more of a time cocktail, mixed and sprayed all over the 200 acre landscape. 

Remnants from the Slave dynasty of 13th century? You have the tomb of Balban. 
Architectural details of Mughal dynsaty? Graves and tombs spread all over the campus.
The British? Of course you cant miss Sir Thomas Metcalf and his 'Dilkush'.

And the irreverently ubiquitous romantic inscriptions documented by present day Dilliwallah for his sweetheart on the structures in which time stands frozen.  

All this , tucked secretly under the green cover beside the more famous Qutb Minar. 

This is Mehrauli Archeological Park for you. 

Rajon Ki Baoli. 

This step well  is  believed to have been constructed by Daulat Khan during the reign of Sikander Lodi in 1516.

Few masons have been using this step well and hence the name Rajon ki Baoli. 

Details from structures adjoining the baoli



Tomb of Quli Khan

Inside view of Quli Khan's tomb

.... to be continued.


  1. awesome, i haven't seen some of them inspite of going there multiple times!

    1. this blog post doesnt cover even half of whats there in the complex either. repeated visits needed.

  2. wow !! so so lovely !
    i so want to be there ...